We offer flexible and fun group tennis classes for kids.


Our classes are designed for specific ages from the games we play to the equipment and language we use. We offer small group classes for kids aged 3-10. These classes happen once a week for 30 min to an hour depending on age.


Our instructors are fully background checked and trained. The more students in a class, the more instructors we have. Importantly, they enjoy working with kids. Ankle Biters students can't wait to come play with our instructors each week.


We offer programs at elementary and private schools, preschool and daycare centers, and local neighborhoods. We can easily start new classes, so if you'd like Ankle Biters to come to your neighborhood, you can simply request a new program.

other activities

We offer programs in addition to tennis, including martial arts, basketball, and chess. To find out where these programs are offered, click the link above.