Meet Coach Robby, USPTA Certified Tennis Instructor and Master Gardener

Hey there!  I am Robby Deckert, a classically trained landscape designer, horticulturalist, garden speaker, enthusiastically spent 16 years as a Master Gardener, and owner of Flowerscapes Garden Design & Landscape. I am so very fortunate to make a career doing two things that I am passionate about, both handed to me by my father –Gardening and tennis.  I also have an art degree in oil painting, black and white photography, and in English with an emphasis on writing.  I was published for ten years by Tennis West Magazine until I moved east to Atlanta.  I also have done sports medicine articles and featured editorials as it relates to tennis research and interviewed top doctors and tennis pros.  My garden articles were inspired by my great teachers and mentors, along with my love of writing and getting people interested in nature and creating beautiful and sustainable landscapes or gardens. I am also a longstanding tennis coaching professional and competitor.

Gardening is a wonderful way  for children and adults to gain self-confidence and feel creative in a time when we almost nonstop hear about the Coronavirus and have to limit our activities in order to stay healthy as we get through this thing.  A dose of sunshine, colors of the rainbow, attracting birds, butterflies and bees, not only soothes the soul, they make us feel alive, awaken mindfulness and appreciation of something greater than a video game.  Plants do not have to just be flowers.  Trees, shrubs, grasses, ferns, seeds and more are at our fingertips, just waiting for you to find the right spot for the right plant.  The first thing I will mention is that some plants cannot handle afternoon sun while others thrive on all day hot sun.  Some are shade lovers, especially in the hot summer days just like many people are.  I am here to help you discover the wonderful world of nature’s beauty and to discover the right soil mixtures, watering, and if needed fertilizing schedule for plants inside and out to thrive, often for years to come.  Want hummingbirds, plant Black and Blue salvia.  Want monarch butterflies as they migrate south, plant Pink daisy Mums and Milkweed.  How about Echinacea and Black-eyed-Susans to attract the sweet yellow birds, goldfinches? Want a tiny adorable fairy garden, we can do that too.  The important thing to remember is in our immediate times, it may be hard to cope without creative and physical outlets.  Even kids need to feel useful and nurturing.  There is an entire science and health field dedicated to improving a person’s needs in the cognitive, emotional, physical and social realms through Horticultural Therapy.  My extensive background with gardening, all things plants, garden design and building out, continuing my education with Horticultural Therapy, and my love of working with kids and inspiring others to love and connect with nature is why I am working with Shaun on this.  I love giving back and after surviving Breast Cancer I decided the best way I could show my gratitude for life is to become a Master Gardener, which is all volunteer.  I also volunteer in anything tennis that raises money for Breast cancer.  Heck, I even learned how to race dragon boats and be part of Dragon Boat Atlanta for breast cancer awareness. 

Robby Deckert, Flowerscapes Garden Design & Landscape

Bottom line, I love what Shaun does with tennis and ExtraCurriculars.  I am so very enthusiastic to talk about gardening with you!  I am a color specialist and apply color theory and design principals, but I also let a kid’s imagination run and let their intuitiveness or love of a color or plant be the ultimate guide.  Color is here and meant to be used.  No need to shy away from thinking and using the limitless array of color. One of my ultimate thrills is following the child and nature in a synthesis of the creation to unfold.   

Until it’s time for rackets up, it is shovels up!  Let’s go explore the exciting and rewarding world of plants!

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