Tennis Games


We have a game we play first and foremost before we ever get started with our lesson plans in the preschool tennis programs. This game is called “Tornado!” All we had to do was, one time, video the children playing the game and play it back for them in a ‘time lapse’ scenario and they …

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Tennis for Children: Smash! Transition Game Many of the compliments we have received from other teaching professionals have to do with the transition timing we have built in to our lesson plans. We have developed a few games for children (and adults who like to improve their game) can play after emptying a basket of …

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Catchy Bug

Tennis for Children: Catchy Bug Formerly: “Smash the Bug” Do you remember when you were young and having the coordination to ‘pat your head and rub your belly’ was a wonderful achievement?  Well, learning the service motion, for a young child still building their coordination, is much like asking them to ‘pat their head and …

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