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Out of the blue a 6 year old said to me: “Never say never, Coach Shaun.” I asked him: “Why not?” He replied: “Never say never!” I told him: “You can never say never say never because you have to use never to say never say never.” He informed me that it was a way of saying: “Never say ‘no.’” So I told him to eat the pine straw on the tennis court near his feet and he was about to say ‘no’ but got stuck in his brain. Awkwardness followed. It was awesome! Moral: If you won’t eat pine straw now, feel free to say no but saying ‘never’ limits potential future adjustment of ‘won’t.’ SJB 2/2/18

The Tennis 4 Children Article Series was started in 2010 by Shaun J Boyce. The concept was to accompany the lesson plans for the little start up business Ankle Biters Tennis which focused primarily on tennis lessons for PreSchool children. Offering advice as well as systematic verbiage for parents to use while encouraging their children to play tennis, the article series is designed to remind parents they do not have to be an instructor nor even a connoisseur of the sport they are encouraging. Using the same language instructors use on a daily basis with the children, parents can then achieve better results when asking their kids “how was tennis today?” By prompting their child with the same words their instructor uses, the child is able to show off their new skills in the physical setting initially used to generate the abilities. More to come. I hear patience is a…

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