About Us

Starting in 2011 as Ankle Biters Tennis,  we have been introducing kids the “sport of a lifetime” at schools and neighborhoods all over Metro Atlanta. Since then, we have transformed many times adding in house classes like Basketball, Fitness, Chess, and Computer Animation, while eventually partnering with other ExtraCurricular providers for specialized classes of Cheer, Dance, and Martial Arts.

We are always in search of new partners so please check out our Partners page and let us know if you know of anyone or you, yourself are interested in starting your own ExtraCurricular classes! Currently we are seeking hair stylists, language specialists, and homeschool providers / specialists.

Today, we have pivoted from in-person, group activities, to online mentoring for families during these uncertain times where children are not seeing their friends at school and many families are struggling to generate home based activities.

Ankle Biters ExtraCurriculars is now only one part of what our Gwinnett based business offers. Some examples of our new products are:

     *parent support

     *child mentoring (emotional and learning support)

     *private and VIP summer camps (we come to you)

     *fitness classes for the whole family (yoga, pilates, sports specific options)

     *access to wearable masks for adults as well as children

     We have focused on tapping into all of our coaches skill sets to best offer Gwinnett families support for whatever comes up. Kids need activities as well as mentors just to talk to. Parents need advice as well as fitness ideas and even generating new meal ideas.

     We consistently ask for feedback, requests, and new ideas from our families to share with the others so we can all help each other as best we can.

     Many of our Gwinnett County families are out of work and have little idea as to what the future holds for their ability to educate their children, put food on the table, and keep the family dynamic strong.

My son started off with Ankle Biters at age 4 and still loves the sport.
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Dave A
Mountain Cove Nextdoor.com
The kids love it! Coach Shaun and his team do an excellent job.
Kyle B
Morgan's Crossing Nextdoor.com
So my kiddo does Tennis with Ankle Biters and she loves it!!! Great instructors, nice group of kids... if you want to get your little one in something and not sure what, give them a try! Tennis is great for hand eye coordination and it's a place for my daughter to socialize with others her age outside of school!
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Neia Z
Reed Mill Nextdoor.com
Great Program! My children love it!
Nancy H
Maple Ridge Nextdoor.com