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Monthly Archives: January 2020

The last game we play with preschoolers each lesson is called Frozen. This game is like desert after a meal for kids. You can’t show the kid ice cream before they have eaten their dinner or the ice cream is all they will want. Here is how it works: First, they have to collect all of the tennis balls we have used and place them in the basket Next, I play “Let it go” (Song from the movie Frozen: Idina Menzel) and they all start running away from “the Snow Monster”. It’s basically freeze-tag with snowballs. While listening to the Let it Go, they have to avoid the snowballs flying at them. They can’t hide so they have to be fast. If they are struck with a snowball they have to freeze in place and wait for a friend to tag them to get un-frozen. Instructors get to pause the…

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We have a game we play first and foremost before we ever get started with our lesson plans in the preschool tennis programs. This game is called “Tornado!” All we had to do was, one time, video the children playing the game and play it back for them in a ‘time lapse’ scenario and they thought it was hilarious! The ability to see yourself and your friends running around in ‘fast forward’ is quite entertaining to anyone, much less a group of preschoolers. Here is how it works: First, they get in a line behind me for a game of Follow the Leader Next, I play the “Troll Song” (Can’t Stop the Feeling – J Timberlake) and they all start running around in a circle. I have now turned the children into a little kid-tornado! While listening to the Troll Song, I tell them to follow me no matter how…

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