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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Tennis for Children: Balance the Ball.  Don’t Let it Fall! A wonderful way to teach a young tennis player the relationship between the racquet and a tennis ball is to have them balance the ball on the racquet strings.  This builds strength, coordination and understanding of the “ball and stick” relationship.  Many young children can grasp this concept quickly but others will need significant assistance. As simple and easy as this may seem to an adult, you may be fairly surprised to learn that balancing a tennis ball on a tennis racquet is quite difficult for many young children. Here is an easy plan to help: Have the child place their racquet flat on the ground Place the ball on the strings so they can visualize level Have them lift the racquet off the ground attempting to keep the ball on the strings When the ball falls off – place…

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Tennis for Children: School’s back, serve’s up, kids! Parents are often more excited and apprehensive than their children about this time of year.  We ask ourselves the truly important questions: Are they going to make friends?  Will they like their new teachers?  How is the two handed backhand developing?  At Ankle Biters Tennis we meet new little tennis players and say goodbye to the one’s off to ‘big kids school.’ Here are some things to remember: A smile goes a long way. Children are more adaptive than we think. The child’s biggest smile of the day is when you are there. The child’s second biggest smile of the day happens when the Ankle Biters Tennis coach walks into the room! The next smile usually has something to do with chicken nuggets, but we’ll never know. Tennis is a wonderful way to offer your child emotional comfort in a new location…

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