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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Does your tennis committee know what you want? Do you feel it takes too long to replace a light bulb at the courts or do your courts need resurfacing? Does the committee even know if you are working to build a new league team out of the neighborhood? In conversation with league players and tennis committees as well as community members, I have found that many of these conversations are rooted in frustration. Many of these interactions can be improved with better communication. Only a few personalities are willing to volunteer their time to help the community by joining the tennis committee. The committee should be respected and appreciated much more than they often are. But why is it that the tennis committee doesn’t know what you want? I believe it is because what the community wants is rarely conveyed to the committee. It should be up to the homeowners…

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Out of the blue a 6 year old said to me: “Never say never, Coach Shaun.” I asked him: “Why not?” He replied: “Never say never!” I told him: “You can never say never say never because you have to use never to say never say never.” He informed me that it was a way of saying: “Never say ‘no.’” So I told him to eat the pine straw on the tennis court near his feet and he was about to say ‘no’ but got stuck in his brain. Awkwardness followed. It was awesome! Moral: If you won’t eat pine straw now, feel free to say no but saying ‘never’ limits potential future adjustment of ‘won’t.’ SJB 2/2/18