Back To School 2020
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Online activities
for children and families

Our 1 on 1 and group Zoom / FaceTime calls are helping families deal with the current lockdown situations as well as offering emotional support to children and families. Our coaches can offer help with digital learning, game time during important parent calls, and even some fitness classes with professional trainers.

Private Summer Camps:
we come to you!

Many families are concerned about health and keeping our extended families safe in the current environment so we are bringing the summer fun to you. We know your 'extension of trust' only goes so far, so you can get together with only those families that you believe have been health conscious and schedule a summer activity camp right in your own neighborhood!

Let us know how we can help your family.

If you think your family would benefit from anything we can offer, please let us know what you have in mind and we will tailor any of our programs to your needs. We can even invent new programming depending on what you want!

Interested in coaching?

We’re looking for part-time coaches who love working with kids!